Sunday, March 3, 2013

My solution to the issue of gaining and losing territories on a massive multiplayer online game with multiple servers.

Problem: When you play a game that has territorial loss and gaining on a large omni map. Each server has a different reflection of the territories gained and lost.

Solution: Each server should be labeled with a year date.
Note:“battleground”=game/server title and the date can be any annual measurement

  1. Server 1/ Battleground 2046
  2. Server 2/ Battleground 2047
  3. Server 3/ Battleground 2048
  4. Server 4/ Battleground 2049
  5. Server 5/ Battleground 2050

  1. Server 6 Competitive Server* 2050 (Combines the efforts of Servers 1-5 to decide map control) i.e. American forces hold Berlin in ⅘ of the servers in the years prior to 2050, within 2050 Competitive Server American Forces* will hold influence of Berlin**.

With this format, playing in a specific server can follow along with the timeline of that specific server without alienating the efforts of players on other servers. Also rewarding the efforts of all players on the various servers when combining their contributions to reflect on a milestone Server.

Developers can use this Milestone Server to either place storytelling elements, reset the battlefield, introduce new weapons or technologies, or use it as placeholder in the histories the player base creates.

 *American forces are just a example reference.
**Berlin is just an example city
*Competitive Server is just a placeholder. It could be be the “main storyline server”, etc...

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