Friday, March 22, 2013


 Its sad that players will gripe about games that have severe penalties for dying. In old school games like Steel battalion (not the crappy kinect version), if you didn't eject you lost your whole save file. If a game came out with that formula right now that would be users biggest complaint would be its too unforgiving. I played games with no memory card, where you had to beat them in one sitting. I've seen controllers shatter against walls because a Megaman boss shit on my firends last life. I know what hardcore gaming really is. Not this press A to win crap alot of players have become accustom too. Where they have infinite lives, and know nothing about starting from the beginning for poor performance. Yes, many modern games have difficulty levels that can be adjusted but here is whats wrong with them.

For the most part the difficulty is more so adjusted by changing variables.

1.) Things such as less checkpoints
2.) Little or no regenerating health
3.) Less ammo or equipment
4.) AI's attacks are twice as damaging
5.) Even the shorten timed mission

These are traditional tactics that have been used in every fashion of game. I am not saying they are completely bad. I just feel it is time for them to evolve, they can take a bigger leap from these traditions.

I want to see more things to curve difficulty such as

1.) Consequences of actions could turn the scales of difficulty
2.) A.I algorithms turned up a notch to where they are reacting even more to your micro actions
3.) Audio/visual impairments (loss of hearing, bloody vision)
4.) Boss battles actually being PvP ( A guy's job is to just be a boss and he is just waiting for challengers)

But honestly many gamers would just cry and complain. Its just like when I am killing a kid in FPSs they send hate mail, because they are getting their asses handed to them and want you to take it easy on them. These kids are the reason difficulty is at an all time low.

 Bottom Line: There are more New School Gamers playing, but they are Softcore Gamers

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