Tuesday, March 19, 2013


In Battlefield 3 rush game mode, you have an imbalance of points awarded when it comes to the attacking side. The smarter soldiers who are pushing the defending team away from the m-com station are doing the bulk of the work. Then a player who has not contributed to the attack on the enemy team comes over and arms the m-com station then hides in the corner. Meanwhile the true soldiers are killing the enemy as they try to make it towards the sirens of the m-com. The true soldiers defend the the m-com and the coward is rewarded. 


Yes, the m-com is the objective in rush. But suppressing the enemy defenders is the much more rewarding meta game. Attacking players will receive more points for racking up kills and completely control the defending team. Essentially spawn trapping them until they are set and ready to arm the m-com. Awarding all players on the attacking team not just one selfish individual, that takes advantage of a team doing all the work.  


I. Have the commander mode return. When and only when the commander gives the order to arm the m-com can players arm the m-com station. By the commander placing the attack order on the m-com then enables it to be charged and detonated.

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