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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Many of the fans and former fans of Bioware's Mass Effects series are about to have their wounds reopened. Here comes the pain a Mass Effect 4 is in the works, but why?

The way Mass Effect 3 ended from when I played the very first edition, shattered the universe as I knew it. To me there is no practical way to bring things back to a norm found before and during the reaper invasion. The existence of a threat greater than the Reapers would just be horrible writing. To recant the bulk of Mass Effect 3's ending would stink worse than open surgery on a corpse. To subject players to any form of a prequel would just further destroy the notion that their individual play through mattered. The bold leap to years after Shepard would place players in a new era of Mass Effect. Is Bioware brave enough to venture into a new but familiar frontier?


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Monday, March 25, 2013

(wishful reality)

  1. Crackdown, on crack!
  2. Turok, a game that makes Jurassic Park, look like a walk in the park!
  3. Killer Instinct, Orchid's sexy HD body delivering 100 hit Ultra's!
  4. Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen or Soul Reaver give Silicone Knights a revitalization
  5. The Dishwasher 3D soaking in the blood!

(harsh reality)

  1. Partnership with an PC exclusive, similar to Eve and Dust 514. Suggestion Mechwarrior 5. #PGI 
  2. Super Smash Bros knock off. Suggestion XBL Avatar/Video game hero Showdown. #Tecmo
  3. Just flat out rip off Twisted Metal, Forza quality car models meet Goldeneye. #Rare
  4. Replace Simcity, its wounded kill it while its down. #Mojang
  5. You better go and swoop up those Kickstarter campaigns right after they get funded #funded

(close to reality)

  1. Bioware's brand new unannounced I.P?
  2. Mechwarrior Online, exclusive to Microsoft's console perhaps?
  3. Bethesda's next Elder Scrolls title?
  4. A Rockstar title, perhaps a sequel to Red Dead Redemption or announced I.P?
  5. Shenmue 3?
  6. Just Cause 3?
  7. Konami's new I.P.?
  8. Earthworm Jim 4
  9. Final Fantasy XXXVIII-part 6 remix
  10. Doom

(far from reality)

  1. It will never happen but the buy out would have to be Nintendo...
  2. A tighter bond with Disney, come on Marvel & Star Wars...
  3. It will never happen but Half Life 3/Team Fortress 3...
  4. Bungie to come back and make "Halo Universe"...
  5. Bring Rare out of retirement, Banjo-Kazooie, Perfect Dark, Blast Corps, GoldenEye... 

Bottom Line: Microsoft used to be about games, I think man its been so long.
Its always been a common practice for me to cover webcams with a post-it or some piece of paper. I have seen how you can spy on someone without them even knowing via an unsuspected webcam. So for me its not a big deal but last week I had a weird experience. Late one night I walked nude from my bedroom past my living room and into the kitchen for a midnight snack. (we all do that at one point I hope). When I walked with slice of pizza and my box of Better Cheddars I saw a light glimmer against my side as I walked past my living room's entertainment center. I turned and noticed, dammit I left the Xbox on and now the Kinect is staring at err...joystick (manhood). A weird feeling crept over me and I retraced my initial walk to the kitchen...was the Kinect following me as I past by? I ate my snack now half way dressed because the experience in the living room had my mind racing. My Xbox just violated me, okay not that severe but it did strike a nerve.

This lead me to think about the rumors of "Durango" being always online and the new kinect possibly coming with the new console. I sat back and thought how weird if Microsoft were to have an ever peering eye into millions of households. How strange would it be if you were forced to use a facial recognition software to log on just to play games. I saw a grim future, man arrested after making threats on Xbox 720. Kinect matches the mans face with DMV photos and police initiate arrest. Then the next weeks head line, Kinect catches teen plotting to shot up school, weapon stockpile captured by Kinect sensors.

It wouldn't be the first time technology backfired on the consumer silly drug dealers and their iPhones. But here's to praying "always on" is a optional feature users can activate. Then Microsoft blessing us with some privacy and including a shade to go over the Kinect's all seeing eye. It would be a compromise vs us gamers in a compromising position.

Bottom Line: Kinect you don't even have any good games and now you want to broadcast my life to the net.



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Friday, March 22, 2013


 Its sad that players will gripe about games that have severe penalties for dying. In old school games like Steel battalion (not the crappy kinect version), if you didn't eject you lost your whole save file. If a game came out with that formula right now that would be users biggest complaint would be its too unforgiving. I played games with no memory card, where you had to beat them in one sitting. I've seen controllers shatter against walls because a Megaman boss shit on my firends last life. I know what hardcore gaming really is. Not this press A to win crap alot of players have become accustom too. Where they have infinite lives, and know nothing about starting from the beginning for poor performance. Yes, many modern games have difficulty levels that can be adjusted but here is whats wrong with them.

For the most part the difficulty is more so adjusted by changing variables.

1.) Things such as less checkpoints
2.) Little or no regenerating health
3.) Less ammo or equipment
4.) AI's attacks are twice as damaging
5.) Even the shorten timed mission

These are traditional tactics that have been used in every fashion of game. I am not saying they are completely bad. I just feel it is time for them to evolve, they can take a bigger leap from these traditions.

I want to see more things to curve difficulty such as

1.) Consequences of actions could turn the scales of difficulty
2.) A.I algorithms turned up a notch to where they are reacting even more to your micro actions
3.) Audio/visual impairments (loss of hearing, bloody vision)
4.) Boss battles actually being PvP ( A guy's job is to just be a boss and he is just waiting for challengers)

But honestly many gamers would just cry and complain. Its just like when I am killing a kid in FPSs they send hate mail, because they are getting their asses handed to them and want you to take it easy on them. These kids are the reason difficulty is at an all time low.

 Bottom Line: There are more New School Gamers playing, but they are Softcore Gamers

I am a believer of used games driving sales. Used games are not just video game discs that people sell back to Gamestop (at ridiculously low prices). They are also rented games, video games shared in college dorms, even games passed among siblings. Used games, promoted sales, when it came to Mass Effect, I wasn't a fan of RPG styled games at the time. A friend let me borrow the game, and I was hooked instantly. I then went on to own the trilogy.  I still remember where I was when I first saw Grand Theft Auto 3 and instantly wanted it for myself. My friend let people borrow the game for like an afternoon. But an afternoon with that game wasn't enough. Soon after I was out to get the system, memory card, and disc. I watched a friend play Ico and he watched me play Shadow of the Colossus and we both waited and waited for the Last Guardian. But if my buddy says hey I would let you borrow this game but it won't work on your console. I will feel like the developer doesn't want me to share experiences with my friends and family.

Word of mouth, and witnessing proof of concept are what drive gamers to buy. Faith in your product also drives sophisticated users to believe more in your presented concept. If before I hear about the game play features of a video game, I am hearing about how to prevent piracy, and controversy over its marketing. I am going to feel as if the majority of work isn't going into making the best game possible. I feel its more board room meetings deciding, the eventual onslaught of nickel and dime dlc, or what part of the story can we cut and then reintroduce it as dlc. With these practices, how can they get mad at users letting friends borrow used games when the bulk of the content is delivered post launch within dlc packs. The barrier of an online pass has prevented me from wanting to even get to know some titles. I was enjoying Assassins Creed Revelations multiplayer with friends then was prompted to enter in a key pass to continue playing online. Once that dialog popped up, I was instantly turned off, I don't play or buy Assassin Creed games anymore. Why because I am bitter about that one experience.

So all the amount of marketing video game companies put into fancy CGI commercials, sending copies of the game into space, and using the media sites to hype their game up, is instantly lost once I see the game and it doesn't fulfill the claims the developer made before hand. Some companies run around talking about how they have the best product of the season. Smarter ones let their game speak for itself. While others bury the media with lies and thus bury their franchise as well.

If a player cannot afford your game and really would like to play it they are going to wait until it fits in their budget. If your game is always ten dollars out of their budget then you won't have that players attention. Erasing used games from the market place will make your overall user base much smaller rather than larger. If I want three games and can only afford two, well guess what? One of those titles are just not going to be purchased, simple as that. For failed games, if the game never is discounted to a price I think is fair then it wont even be a pity purchase.

Bottom Line: Publishers/Developers the issue between you and gamestop, is between you and gamestop. Not us the consumer.


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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

 I believe games only existed due to the unique mechanics they offered. With memory limitations the focus was more so on the game play. Plenty of reading instead of voice actors. Sound effects were not jumping out in three dimensions. Games like Excite Bike did not have any story that I can recall. Paper Boy was also another title that you pressed start and played, no 5 minute cut scene showing what the delivery boy had for breakfasts. This may have been crude times in graphics but a beautiful time when things were much simpler.

My Golden Era of video gaming. I think the stories Rpgs told during this era were some of the better writings. I saw more risks being taken in this era. Projects that you could tell were the creators brain child. These times we saw a lot of art. Games like Earth Worm Jim, Neverhood, Shenmue to name just a few. Some titles may have failed but the developers still push forth to make things better. I saw more innovation from the titles and game play seem much more varied from game to game. 

This time ushered in a new user base the "randy" crowd. With online gaming thriving you are now placed in rooms with complete strangers. Complete strangers that ruin the game play  Because now games are made to please a larger crowd, bridge skill gaps, and appease the many with short attention spans. With the introduction of so called "HD" graphics. It seems like more time is spent in the department of making a game look pretty rather than story lines. Especially with the boom of re-hashing and annual sequels. The game mechanics are set in stone, and the story is a formula concocted in a focus test Q and A. To me AAA titles are more hit and miss in these times. Compared to the past AAA titles of the Nintendo 64, PlayStation  and Sega Genesis days. The days of the balanced trinity are behind us. The new age of how pretty can it look are taking over. Bragging of beating a game on highest difficultly, gone. Meeting people who are the so called best in the game they play are here.

Bottom Line: I wish new Intellectual Properties were more frequent and when companies made big gains they rewarded gamers with a risky new I.P. instead of the annual sequel.


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Tuesday, March 19, 2013


In Battlefield 3 rush game mode, you have an imbalance of points awarded when it comes to the attacking side. The smarter soldiers who are pushing the defending team away from the m-com station are doing the bulk of the work. Then a player who has not contributed to the attack on the enemy team comes over and arms the m-com station then hides in the corner. Meanwhile the true soldiers are killing the enemy as they try to make it towards the sirens of the m-com. The true soldiers defend the the m-com and the coward is rewarded. 


Yes, the m-com is the objective in rush. But suppressing the enemy defenders is the much more rewarding meta game. Attacking players will receive more points for racking up kills and completely control the defending team. Essentially spawn trapping them until they are set and ready to arm the m-com. Awarding all players on the attacking team not just one selfish individual, that takes advantage of a team doing all the work.  


I. Have the commander mode return. When and only when the commander gives the order to arm the m-com can players arm the m-com station. By the commander placing the attack order on the m-com then enables it to be charged and detonated.

My viewpoint of the Battlefield franchise is slightly different than other game enthusiasts. Where some video game players see Battlefield as just a first person shooter I believe it covers more of the playing field.

The Battlefield Franchise delivers better flight mechanics than games such as Ace Combat and TC Hawx franchise. Those two games principle game play revolves around flying yet a game labeled just a FPS has better mechanics. With the additional layer of fighter jets on top of the first person shooting Battlefield saves me money on mediocre flight games. Gunning down an infantry soldier's threat feels better when its an actual player vs lifeless artificial intelligence. 

"Battlefield saves me money on mediocre flight games."
I see where Battlefield excels over other video games that fall under the same label as first person shooter. That is why for me it is an easier buy than other military shooters. It is my personal preference. I do however have suggestions that I believe should be implemented to warrant a sequel in my eyes.


  1. Fix the collision interaction between vehicles and trees
  2. Introduce Weather (Snow, Blizzards, Rain, Strong Winds)
  3. Changes in time of day (Attacks starting before dawn then sun rising)

  1. Some subterranean environments (sewers,bunkers,caves)
  2. Civilians in the multiplayer maps (hitting them results in -10 points)
  3. Video Surveillance cameras and Camera control rooms
  1. Female Soldiers Skins 
  2. New Factions (PLA, Irainian Army,African Freedom Fighters, Terrorists)
  3. Platoon Initials on the Soldier Uniform
  4. Ghillie Suits
  5. Possibly a new Class (Technician,Navy Seal, Rappel Guy)


  1. More detailed information as to where my soldier got shot during engagements
  2. Platoon Banner is displayed when I kill enemy soldiers 
  3. List of critical injuries (broken bones, punctured lungs, 3rd degree burns, Severed limbs)




  1. When m-com stations are armed and detonated, they should trigger an environmental trigger.          (i.e. an explosion, building collapse, destroyer cannons striking a target, airstrikes, crashing C-130) 
  2. Map suggestion a giant dam (once the m-com is detonated the dam explodes and floods down river)
  3. Upon completing all m-com objectives the attacking and defending teams should have a single life, and must extract from the mission alive in order for the m-com arming player to receive points.*
*in depth article coming soon


I am looking forward to what Battlefield 4 will offer. I do have high expectations of the final product. I will not settled for a release of base game with less than Nine maps if a premium service is planned. I will have no problem paying for another Battlefield Premium if the content is not so themed based either. I do not want another Close Quarters expansion pack (almost sounds contradictory). Close Quarters maps should just be implemented some where within the whole map. Just like death match arenas layouts are located within the parameters of the map. If any of the maps of Battlefield 3 return they better be free. You  cannot charge people for maps they just finished playing. A return of co-op missions is welcomed in my book. Please, just for once scrap the single player campaign. To me BF3's solo campaign was unbearable. If there really must be a campaign please outsource its crafting. The time and effort for the campaign should be pushed of on the Medal of Honor team (seeing that they are kinda out of work). Better design on the rush portions and the m-com placements of the rush gametype.

 "Please, just for once scrap the single player campaign"

Bottom Line: I have 1900+ hours in Battlefield 3 and I will be on the front lines for the next war.


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Monday, March 18, 2013

Most people have read about the deal between Bungie and Activision through the released court documents. From those reports and the released Bungie documentary the world has a glimpse at  Destiny. What I have taken from the all the information is Bungie is placing a lot on the line with this adventure. I have some thoughts on the project that i would like to share.


Since this game is being released at the very end of the Xbox/PS3’s lifespan I think an excellent idea would be for it to release with a free to play model. This of course is wishful thinking. But I could see how much it would benefit Bungie’s audience. This would boost their user numbers beyond what would be normally projected. Yes, they would not get the $64.99 from every user. But with a very well constructed micro transaction marketplace they could have the largest audience buying things each and every second of the day.

I know this won’t happen but it would be a very cool way for Bungie to surprise the world. But when there are talks of releasing this game for the: Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox 720 and Playstation 4. It may be a hard task of concentrating a core community if the game is full price along with dlc and micro transactions in the mix.  

The scenario would be do I spend $64 dollars on the Xbox 360 version, or do I wait and buy a Xbox 720 version, or can I buy a Xbox 360 version and then just play it on my Xbox 720. It can put buyers in a bind. Especially those pushed and swayed by the disingenuous reviews the video game media is going to sell based on their agendas.  Free to Play would be a lot easier choice for players. They would easily grab the game for any and every console/system they own or decide to buy.  

Bottom Line: Free to Play model could bring a lot of loyal users very quickly.


Another part of project Destiny’s unravelling that has me perplexed is the claim the story or world will last for the next ten years. A decade is a very long time in the video game world. The question is how can Bungie make a world/story that can keep users entertained for a solid decade. Will Bungie be telling the story and we as users will participate in their world? Will users develop their own roleplay and Bungie will just manage the world around them?

From what I have seen with the brief view that Bungie has offered is a single planet. But I hope that this supposed Third-Person-Shooter-MMO-space-RPG (lol) offers more than just one world. In previews we do catch glimpses of spaceships, so hopefully we are traversing planets that have been spared by many “Travellers”

Bottom Line: I think that the story must have some elements that are in the hands of users.


If users are creating their very own characters how can you keep that character relevant for a decade without copping out to cheap ploys like cloning, revivals, etcetera etcetera.

My solution to the character evolutions, would be a system of ancestry. The character you create can reproduce and in turn have a family. This ability to have offspring would give users motivation to keep the father/mother character alive. It would also keep a very interesting leaderboard statistic of “oldest character alive in the world” Of course this would only apply if the game was based off a some type of timeline that paralleled real time.

Bottom Line: I hope there is an ancestry system in this game.


From what we know the three games Bungie will develop also each have an expected dlc. With very little details about the game I still would like to speculate. If the community plays a large part in crafting the story in the world of project: Destiny. I think comet could be Bungie’s way of shaking things up. The title Comet does imply something either coming and changing the universe. Or maybe some annual event users will be waiting for. Especially hearing that the dlc’s have been announced on a very specific timeframe after the games release.

Bottom Line: This dlc better be a game changer or else it will crash into the surface like a meteor.

  1. Cool weapons and gadgets
  2. Numerous aliens to chase and investigate
  3. The red erasing memory thingy
  4. A game with with Will Smith
  5. A family game that parents could approve of


  1. Cars with explosives and guns
  2. Twisted Metal isn't the same
  3. Create a character would have some funny outcomes
  4. A great way to showcase dynamic car models and destructive physics
  5. Prisoners killing Prisoners

  1. Sword play with a slight over the top edge to it
  2. Bushido Blade replacement
  3. Unique fighting arenas
  4. A Tarantino film translated to a video game
  5. Lucy Liu (nuff said)


  1. Bad ass kids
  2. Corrupt city ran by evil corporation
  3. Drug Addicted Robots
  4. Crime on every damn block
  5. A bulletproof robot cop kicking ass.

G.I. JOE (Animated Movie)
  1. The amount of vehicles
  2. Fighting terrorists
  3. Roadblock the token black soldier
  4. Guns, Lasers and Missiles
  5. Come on Land, Sea, and Air superiority


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Monday, March 11, 2013

1.) Mass Effect Franchise (Bioware) -2 letdowns
The first ME was a work of art simply put. Then the second just didn’t do it for me, personally. The third ruined the experience similar to how the 2nd and 3rd Matrix ruined the original Matrix.

2.) Simcity Franchise (Maxis) -1 letdown
I cannot forgive all the sins of this recent travesty. I mean the millions of people who spent billions of hours just tinkering with the past sim titles should not have been disrespected like this. This is the one game that should have stayed true to its roots, community, and decades long reign. The whole formula of the newest release just alienates the masses of former fans.  

3.) Madden Franchise (EA Tiburon)  -6 letdowns
After forcing NFL 2k to an early retirement with the securing of the NFL license. Madden games became less of a football game simulator to me. After Madden 08’ ridiculous animations that made it more arcade-like I was done.

4.) Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater Franchise (Activision/Neversoft) -6 letdowns
The onslaught of disappointing title after disappointing title was really just Activision spitting in my face. This is the one properly excuted title that could have made me go out and buy PS3 (because I like to play the dualshock controller with THPS). But games like tony Hawk’s Ride made skaters look like idiots. Also the THPS HD remix was just a greedy grab at many fans wallets.

5.) Call of Duty Franchise (Activision) -4 letdowns
Just like the fame monster closets of the franchise, these sequels just keep coming and coming. But personally they never created a superior physic simulation for weapons with all the billions they have amassed. Nor have they ramped up the combat experience beyond the lowest mark on the bar. To each their own, and for me not my cup of tea.

6.) Pokemon (Nintendo/Gamefreaks) -4 letdowns
This franchise angers me personally, because I was open about my addiction to the gameboy color version of this game. Which decreased my chances dating the head cheerleader because of how dorky playing this game was but regardless. Nintendo and Gamefreak should be shot for the only 3-d version of this game we have received is the Pokemon Snap for the 64. I swear to God if Nintendo came out with a 3-d version of pokemon Gold,Red or Blue for the Wii U with online trainer vs trainer battles, I’d buy two Wii U consoles right now. But they won’t and that's why their console won’t ever make it past my door.

7.) Ace Combat Series (Namco/Various developers) -5 letdowns
I let my love of flying blind me each and every time I purchased this title to only be left with lackluster G-force physics, boring mission design, and just the least innovative flight combat experience overall.

8.) Prototype Franchise (Activision) -2 letdowns
This game’s sequel did not need to use the same city as the first iteration of the series. This may seem harsh but the lack of newer features was truly a hard one to take on the chin for me. Especially with the experience Activision had with some of the marvel super heroes, they showed their lack of care with their own franchise of super powers.

Bottom Line: You better do some serious re branding and studio swapping if you want any of these titles to touch my wallet.


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Friday, March 8, 2013

Bottom Line: People need to Boycott EA products, EA Services, EA Dlc, EA Preorders, and developers that join EA.
(Sorry, but it is the truth)


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Monday, March 4, 2013

Voting with your dollars, does it work in the sense of general game releasing?

Kingdom of Amalur: people voted with their dollars, but was the consumer’s verdict fire the entire studio? No.

The Massive Marketing of Mass Effect 3: Did consumers of the 1st & 2nd game of the franchise vote with their dollars, and polled to have a million dollar campaign for advertising the game vs working on the games story line and plot? No.

Bioware's Budgeting

In the case of Kickstarter's Wildman title (which was fully funded): Fans voted with their dollars and still could not prevent the studio from collapsing. Did kickstarter funders want this game to fail? No.

I thought we were past the days of load screens

Fans of series vote with their dollars, when they purchase every dime and dollar of dlc & expansions. True fans get in there and buy the most obscure collection of costumes, wallpapers, and collector items. These can be a measurement of voting with dollars. The death of studios should not be based on collectible items, costumes, and paid dlc not selling either.

But the general consumer's true verdict of game is found in the form of the opinions they place on forums, community websites, and gaming hubs. This is where you are going to find true opinions, and valuable user feedback that brings forth an addition to the consumer understanding process. Sometimes we are tricking into spending our dollar by false claims. The only place we can vent about such a purchase is via forums or social hubs for gamers. We definitely cannot complain to the studio, developers, and publisher. Once they have our money we fall into the category of "not their problem"

Industry heads talk a lot about the consumer and what they know we want. When they say these things I think when is the last time, I have been polled or questioned about any aspects of their upcoming release.  

To me video game developers lost their collective respect of Gamers a long time ago. Our relationship has vastly deteriorated. Annual releases are the living proof of how little they respect us on their end.

If a video game developer is releasing same franchise projects
within a years time
of one another 
two things are happening.

One, they are recycling the technology they originally developed with. This is not a cardinal sin, but if the “new release” is the same technology why can it not be an in depth expansion of the original game? Why can’t it be a reduced price expansion pack in the $25.99-$35.99 range.

Two, if the games are coming out within a year of each other, does that mean parts of the team that were developing the first game got pulled off to start on the second game? Wait that doesn’t make sense. Am I truly getting a game made by a whole other team? Is the game I am receiving the pieces off the cutting room floor? Is this really a full fledged product?

Bottom Line: Gamers need to be smarter consumers and demand more from publishers/developers.
My solution to the issue of gaining and losing territories on a massive multiplayer online game with multiple servers.

Problem: When you play a game that has territorial loss and gaining on a large omni map. Each server has a different reflection of the territories gained and lost.

Solution: Each server should be labeled with a year date.
Note:“battleground”=game/server title and the date can be any annual measurement

  1. Server 1/ Battleground 2046
  2. Server 2/ Battleground 2047
  3. Server 3/ Battleground 2048
  4. Server 4/ Battleground 2049
  5. Server 5/ Battleground 2050

  1. Server 6 Competitive Server* 2050 (Combines the efforts of Servers 1-5 to decide map control) i.e. American forces hold Berlin in ⅘ of the servers in the years prior to 2050, within 2050 Competitive Server American Forces* will hold influence of Berlin**.

With this format, playing in a specific server can follow along with the timeline of that specific server without alienating the efforts of players on other servers. Also rewarding the efforts of all players on the various servers when combining their contributions to reflect on a milestone Server.

Developers can use this Milestone Server to either place storytelling elements, reset the battlefield, introduce new weapons or technologies, or use it as placeholder in the histories the player base creates.

 *American forces are just a example reference.
**Berlin is just an example city
*Competitive Server is just a placeholder. It could be be the “main storyline server”, etc...