Monday, March 11, 2013

1.) Mass Effect Franchise (Bioware) -2 letdowns
The first ME was a work of art simply put. Then the second just didn’t do it for me, personally. The third ruined the experience similar to how the 2nd and 3rd Matrix ruined the original Matrix.

2.) Simcity Franchise (Maxis) -1 letdown
I cannot forgive all the sins of this recent travesty. I mean the millions of people who spent billions of hours just tinkering with the past sim titles should not have been disrespected like this. This is the one game that should have stayed true to its roots, community, and decades long reign. The whole formula of the newest release just alienates the masses of former fans.  

3.) Madden Franchise (EA Tiburon)  -6 letdowns
After forcing NFL 2k to an early retirement with the securing of the NFL license. Madden games became less of a football game simulator to me. After Madden 08’ ridiculous animations that made it more arcade-like I was done.

4.) Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater Franchise (Activision/Neversoft) -6 letdowns
The onslaught of disappointing title after disappointing title was really just Activision spitting in my face. This is the one properly excuted title that could have made me go out and buy PS3 (because I like to play the dualshock controller with THPS). But games like tony Hawk’s Ride made skaters look like idiots. Also the THPS HD remix was just a greedy grab at many fans wallets.

5.) Call of Duty Franchise (Activision) -4 letdowns
Just like the fame monster closets of the franchise, these sequels just keep coming and coming. But personally they never created a superior physic simulation for weapons with all the billions they have amassed. Nor have they ramped up the combat experience beyond the lowest mark on the bar. To each their own, and for me not my cup of tea.

6.) Pokemon (Nintendo/Gamefreaks) -4 letdowns
This franchise angers me personally, because I was open about my addiction to the gameboy color version of this game. Which decreased my chances dating the head cheerleader because of how dorky playing this game was but regardless. Nintendo and Gamefreak should be shot for the only 3-d version of this game we have received is the Pokemon Snap for the 64. I swear to God if Nintendo came out with a 3-d version of pokemon Gold,Red or Blue for the Wii U with online trainer vs trainer battles, I’d buy two Wii U consoles right now. But they won’t and that's why their console won’t ever make it past my door.

7.) Ace Combat Series (Namco/Various developers) -5 letdowns
I let my love of flying blind me each and every time I purchased this title to only be left with lackluster G-force physics, boring mission design, and just the least innovative flight combat experience overall.

8.) Prototype Franchise (Activision) -2 letdowns
This game’s sequel did not need to use the same city as the first iteration of the series. This may seem harsh but the lack of newer features was truly a hard one to take on the chin for me. Especially with the experience Activision had with some of the marvel super heroes, they showed their lack of care with their own franchise of super powers.

Bottom Line: You better do some serious re branding and studio swapping if you want any of these titles to touch my wallet.

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