Monday, March 25, 2013

Its always been a common practice for me to cover webcams with a post-it or some piece of paper. I have seen how you can spy on someone without them even knowing via an unsuspected webcam. So for me its not a big deal but last week I had a weird experience. Late one night I walked nude from my bedroom past my living room and into the kitchen for a midnight snack. (we all do that at one point I hope). When I walked with slice of pizza and my box of Better Cheddars I saw a light glimmer against my side as I walked past my living room's entertainment center. I turned and noticed, dammit I left the Xbox on and now the Kinect is staring at err...joystick (manhood). A weird feeling crept over me and I retraced my initial walk to the kitchen...was the Kinect following me as I past by? I ate my snack now half way dressed because the experience in the living room had my mind racing. My Xbox just violated me, okay not that severe but it did strike a nerve.

This lead me to think about the rumors of "Durango" being always online and the new kinect possibly coming with the new console. I sat back and thought how weird if Microsoft were to have an ever peering eye into millions of households. How strange would it be if you were forced to use a facial recognition software to log on just to play games. I saw a grim future, man arrested after making threats on Xbox 720. Kinect matches the mans face with DMV photos and police initiate arrest. Then the next weeks head line, Kinect catches teen plotting to shot up school, weapon stockpile captured by Kinect sensors.

It wouldn't be the first time technology backfired on the consumer silly drug dealers and their iPhones. But here's to praying "always on" is a optional feature users can activate. Then Microsoft blessing us with some privacy and including a shade to go over the Kinect's all seeing eye. It would be a compromise vs us gamers in a compromising position.

Bottom Line: Kinect you don't even have any good games and now you want to broadcast my life to the net.


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