Monday, March 18, 2013

Most people have read about the deal between Bungie and Activision through the released court documents. From those reports and the released Bungie documentary the world has a glimpse at  Destiny. What I have taken from the all the information is Bungie is placing a lot on the line with this adventure. I have some thoughts on the project that i would like to share.


Since this game is being released at the very end of the Xbox/PS3’s lifespan I think an excellent idea would be for it to release with a free to play model. This of course is wishful thinking. But I could see how much it would benefit Bungie’s audience. This would boost their user numbers beyond what would be normally projected. Yes, they would not get the $64.99 from every user. But with a very well constructed micro transaction marketplace they could have the largest audience buying things each and every second of the day.

I know this won’t happen but it would be a very cool way for Bungie to surprise the world. But when there are talks of releasing this game for the: Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox 720 and Playstation 4. It may be a hard task of concentrating a core community if the game is full price along with dlc and micro transactions in the mix.  

The scenario would be do I spend $64 dollars on the Xbox 360 version, or do I wait and buy a Xbox 720 version, or can I buy a Xbox 360 version and then just play it on my Xbox 720. It can put buyers in a bind. Especially those pushed and swayed by the disingenuous reviews the video game media is going to sell based on their agendas.  Free to Play would be a lot easier choice for players. They would easily grab the game for any and every console/system they own or decide to buy.  

Bottom Line: Free to Play model could bring a lot of loyal users very quickly.


Another part of project Destiny’s unravelling that has me perplexed is the claim the story or world will last for the next ten years. A decade is a very long time in the video game world. The question is how can Bungie make a world/story that can keep users entertained for a solid decade. Will Bungie be telling the story and we as users will participate in their world? Will users develop their own roleplay and Bungie will just manage the world around them?

From what I have seen with the brief view that Bungie has offered is a single planet. But I hope that this supposed Third-Person-Shooter-MMO-space-RPG (lol) offers more than just one world. In previews we do catch glimpses of spaceships, so hopefully we are traversing planets that have been spared by many “Travellers”

Bottom Line: I think that the story must have some elements that are in the hands of users.


If users are creating their very own characters how can you keep that character relevant for a decade without copping out to cheap ploys like cloning, revivals, etcetera etcetera.

My solution to the character evolutions, would be a system of ancestry. The character you create can reproduce and in turn have a family. This ability to have offspring would give users motivation to keep the father/mother character alive. It would also keep a very interesting leaderboard statistic of “oldest character alive in the world” Of course this would only apply if the game was based off a some type of timeline that paralleled real time.

Bottom Line: I hope there is an ancestry system in this game.


From what we know the three games Bungie will develop also each have an expected dlc. With very little details about the game I still would like to speculate. If the community plays a large part in crafting the story in the world of project: Destiny. I think comet could be Bungie’s way of shaking things up. The title Comet does imply something either coming and changing the universe. Or maybe some annual event users will be waiting for. Especially hearing that the dlc’s have been announced on a very specific timeframe after the games release.

Bottom Line: This dlc better be a game changer or else it will crash into the surface like a meteor.

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