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Monday, December 29, 2014

Reviewed by: Jamaal Ryan
We’ve all come to know games that heavily strive for a particular tone that, in the end, often compromises the value of the experience. Azura’s Wrath, Blue Estate, and Anarchy Reigns are just a few examples of titles that really push their over-the-top message to unexpected heights (and lows), but ultimately fail to connect with the player in anything other than the occasional provocative images and sequences.
As purposefully outlandish as Sunset Overdrive’s tone is, such is not the case here. Its aggressive style of internet meme jokes and punkish flavor is evenly matched by its incredibly deliberate and surprisingly accomplished game systems, making it not only one of the best original open world games of 2014, but possibly even Insomniac’s best game yet. Read more.


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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

By Jamaal Ryan
They say that imitation is the greatest form of flattery; but in this case, imitation is the greatest form of skullduggery as Vlambeer – the talented indie developer behind Super Crate Box and Luftrausers – has had one of their games cloned yet again.
If you’re unfamiliar with Vlambeer’s series of cloned games, last year, just before they launched what would be one of 2013’s best mobile titles, Ridiculous Fishing, dev studio Gamenuts released a near identical rip off of Vlambeer’s previous game, Radical Fishing. Soon after, what was then their upcoming title, Luftrausers, was also cloned; not to mention that Ridiculous Fishing artist Greg Wohlwend then went on to work on Threes! (another successful mobile game) which was also ripped off by multiple clones.Read more.

By Jamaal Ryan
"Nintendo is at their best when they're desperate."
There isn’t a quote that is as timely and relevant as this one, since in the past we've seen some of the best work come out of the house of Mario when they’re cornered and on the ropes. At a time where Nintendo has never quite been in a worse position in the console market, we're beginning to see the company take some calculated risks, much like they did in the GameCube era, and very much unlike what we saw last generation. Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is the latest title to come out of Nintendo's forced creativity, taking their tried and true concept of a platformer, and flipping it on its head... as well as all sorts of other directions. Read more.


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Thursday, December 18, 2014

By Jamaal Ryan
In the wake of Sony’s massive security hack that has revealed everything from personal information, to private emails, to films under the Sony label, one movie negotiation deal that has surfaced amidst the leak was a Super Mario Bros. film.
Yes, you read that correctly: Super Mario Bros., as in Nintendo’s biggest franchise, now has a film adaptation being negotiated between Nintendo and Sony Pictures.
It’s shocking enough that Sony seems to be neck deep in striking a deal with Nintendo’s biggest property (but hey, Microsoft is making bank off of Minecraft which is one of Playstation’s best-selling titles), but what’s more unbelievable is that they’re taking another swing at making a Mario film after this ambitious train wreck: Read more.


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Friday, December 12, 2014

By PUG Staff
Since 2006, the PlayStation 3 has hosted an outstanding amount of games that have ranged from awe-inspiring to diabolically shocking. Here at Power Up Gaming, we aren't interested in those bad eggs, so instead we've crafted a list of 25 delicious gaming goodies – both exclusive and multi-platform – for your consumption.
These games may not be tomes of perfection, but they definitely hinge on it. They represent an entire generation's efforts to create masterpieces time and time again, a feat that the PS3 has definitely accomplished.
As PlayStation celebrates its 20th anniversary, we invite you to browse our wares, and to comb a list that is so filled with wonder that you will fall in love with each of these titles, all over again. Enjoy.
25. Catherine
Harry Bowers: If there’s one thing that video games get slammed for, it’s attempting nothing new. Atlus’s Catherine was one of those rare games that truly stepped up to challenge this. The result was weird, to say the least. Catherine follows the romantic inadequacies of its hapless protagonist, Vincent. Drama, heartbreak and indecision ensue as Vincent attempts to choose between long-time partner Katherine and new impromptu flame, Catherine.
Here’s where things get weird. Moral implications are presided over by a mystical body of demonic nightmare-inducing sheep. Gameplay fixes are administered by proxy of tricky gauntlet-like puzzle sequences where a sleeping Vincent meets retribution for his nefarious practices. The game skirts between the mundane and the wacky as Vincent attempts to come to terms with what he truly wants from life.
Call it luck, or call it vision – either way, team Atlus struck gold here. The story was gripping and the cast completely empathetic. Gameplay matched story pound for pound. There was something exhilaratingly epic about monkeying your way up a rapidly crumbling tower to some iconic classical bangers. Catherine entertained from start to finish, all the while offering up searching questions about relationships, people and humanity. Catherine was an ambitious game which succeeded in doing something honestly different. That’s sadly an accolade very, very few console games can claim to. Fancy a change of pace from beefcake bro-shooters? Then give Catherine a spin; you won’t be disappointed.
24. Journey
Jamaal Ryan: Journey is a product of sharpened craft, the epitome of the emotional language thatgamecompany has used to communicate with players since its early days. Its glistening sights, award winning sounds, and freeing controls can melt any hardened exterior with effortless grace.
Journey conveys a wide range of themes quietly and metaphorically: isolation, partnership, fear, struggle, death, euphoria. This complex palette is delivered with the utmost subtlety, made even more impressive by being compressed into 2 hours. Because of this, Journey is profoundly therapeutic, plucking you from whatever mood you're in and gently placing you into a better place within a short space of time.
Journey is a timeless work of art, a multi-purposed classic that isn't just one of the best games on PlayStation 3; it's one of the best games ever made. Read more.


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Thursday, December 11, 2014

By Jamaal Ryan
It seems that no matter which console you have, 2015 will treat you with a platform defining title; the next gen follow-ups to the biggest franchises the big three have to offer. Last month, Halo 5 showed off some controversial (though admittedly needed) upgrades to its combat repertoire with boosting, ground pounding, and (OH GOD NO!) aiming down the sights, all in which make it my most anticipated shooter of 2015 next to Evolve.
With Sony and Nintendo’s biggest titlesnot yet fully revealed I’ve waited with bated breath to see when I can get my hands on some of my favorite franchises. Read more.


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Thursday, December 4, 2014

By Jamaal Ryan

Watch some of the industry's most prominent males weigh in on the issue of gender inequality.

Reviewed by: Jamaal Ryan
Even by this current generation’s standards, GTA V’s San Andreas is the most dense, detailed, ecosystem-driven world built in gaming. From its massive skybox, to its immensely populated streets, to the spontaneous wildlife both above ground and below sea level, there’s a seemingly endless amount of activity to witness and partake in.
The city itself was overwhelming when Rockstar released their latest lovechild on last gen hardware, but to see Los Santos and Blaine County through the eyes of your avatar in GTA V’s new first person mode is nothing less than a game changer, and is one of the most daunting and uniquely exhilarating experiences I’ve been privileged to in recent years. Read more.