Monday, June 9, 2014

Here’s why: 

The Crew is somewhat experimental, compared to Horizon 2. I’ll completely agree the visuals of Horizon 2 are vastly superior. To gamers that are epicenter around graphic (buy a PC), but for the immediate comparison Forza Horizon 2 earns points in the category. The variety in flavor is in the Crew hands down. Just the mention of a 2-hour race across the United States mock up in the crew is an amazing concept. When this is actually live for gamers to play I just can’t see passing that up for the traditional racing in Forza Horizon no matter how many cars you throw at me. My bets are on The Crew for the win between these two petal to the metal racers, and the multiplatform sales including PC will make good on Ubisoft’s pockets.  

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