Monday, June 16, 2014

By Jamaal Ryan

Last week, E3 2014 happened, and while I left a bit cynical about the lack of titles that have surprised me, there were at least some games that have truly caught me off guard. Here are my top five picks for E3 2014:


Though Palmer Luckey attended E3, and Sony gave a brief nod to Project Morpheus at their press conference, games that support VR didn’t get a whole lot of attention this year. Enter The Assembly, a new title by nDreams that will be supporting both VR devices. The Assembly, written by the same mind behind FTL and The Swapper, sinks players into the underground organization of engineers and scientists of the same name who have ducked away from the public light to conduct morally ambiguous experiments for the greater good.

The Assembly will be a structured as a puzzle adventure game. And while the term “puzzle” is usually a deterrent for me, developers seem to be moving away from academic structured puzzles, and skewing towards more environmental and practical design when it comes to developing for VR to enhance the immersion factor. I’m terribly intrigued by the plot centered on moral ambiguity within the context of science fiction, and I’m also glad that such a game is coming not only to the Oculus Rift, but to Project Morpheus as well. Read more.

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