Monday, June 9, 2014

This comparison is show wise centered so don’t get it twisted. Rainbow Six shows up out of nowhere and made BF:Hardline eat a bullet in a gunfight for your wallet. I would definitely cancel your BF pre-order money and save it for Rainbow Six when it releases two years from now. Hopefully we do not have to wait years for the release of what I say took the Ubisoft conference title of Best Game. This hype train for this game will sit at the station until there is official release dates and specifications. Something tells me Ubisoft is pulling the same deal they did with WatchDogs with this title so the more news the better. Battlefield hardline is going to be here this fall and betas are being streamed as I type. However it really just boils down to Battlefield with a different skin, so if you are bored of BF4 and feel brave enough to try an EA first week launch good luck. 

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