Monday, June 9, 2014

Bungie I want to apologize for Microsoft’s shitty action of re-releasing your hard work and having no tact. I bet when you guys sold or bought out of your contract you never expected them to rehash your code. I only expected Microsoft to continue making games, but rehashing your code is just really poor. You guys at Bungie will be recognized by true fans.

So if you love Halo from Bungie or 343 you just got 180gb of Master Chief all on your face. How does it feel it’s exactly what you guys wanted. One good thing is at least you’ll be able to play all the multiplayer maps without any dlc or crazy season pass. That fact is kinda scary knowing Microsoft, they normally do not give away massive amounts of gaming dlc for free. So I would be wary of a catch with the so called 100 maps of the Halo for just $60. We will see this November 11th

Fun Fact: Aisha Tyler was a voice in Halo: Reach a game not included in this Dream Halo pack :/

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