Tuesday, May 28, 2013

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When consumers glance at what a playstation is they see a clear vision. Its station where I can Play, simple as that. When they ask what can it play the answer is straightforward: Games, Blu Rays, and Subscription services like netflix and hulu. Why is it better than a Playstation 3 is the next logical question?

This is where the complexity stops for the average consumer. Especially if they own a current gen system, because they currently can do all that. Gamers can easily differentiate the difference between each system much better than a consumer. So what does make it better for the average consumer?

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I Don't Know...but...

This is where I think Sony got it right the average consumer does not have a stand out feature that is going to lure them into PS4 world. The key person that is going to be pulled into the Sony realm is the person who this console is all about the Gamer! Once the gamer has  the system inside his home others can watch and view his experience and gauge whether they want the PS4 for themselves.

The main people I know that purchased PS3’s that were non-gamers were my cord cutter friends. This is where PS3 exceeded the competition. They received a blu ray player and were able to access the subscription services they paid for without a subscription service blocking them. So if PS4 can keep up that tradition of not having to pay for a premium plan to access the network then they may see some average consumers upgrade.

Average Joe is not as predictable in the game console world. Which I am happy that Sony seemed to take into consideration. Appease your core demographic first and then tune into the alternate markets.  Tablet Tammy is in a comfortable position so leave her to her own devices, until you can assimilate her naturally instead of trying to devour her wallet with a marketing scheme.

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Thirty three minutes into this article and now I finally bring up games and gamers. We all know its about more power we have been waiting for it and now it almost here. The decrease time frame from powering on to jumping into your favorite games is just amazing. Hearing that you can play games while downloading is what many users have secretly wished for and damn Sony is like a genie right now.

With a new gaming pad that not only redesigned to cater towards comfort and rid flaws of  the old version. We also receive a new controller feature with the touch bar. Simple but elegant additions that do not take away from the traditional rational designs. We gamers are all for that type of evolution rather than a gigantic mutation that we are forced to live with. We can all be happy with a accessible controller with new functions that do not obscure the essential functions.

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If you want to say there are two giant contenders in the next generation console arena. I'd say the PS4 came out waving to each and every gamer that was front row. They already have a lineup of games just waiting to come out. The display of the user interface was closer to my expectations of a less intrusive ad bar compared to the competition. Very much the Playstation remained in sync with the vision of Game Entertainment.
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More power
Quickly navigating between apps, games, and movies
Being able to play while downloading a game       
Practical evolution of controller
Growing Game Catalog
Fuck Microsoft, Go Sony
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