Monday, May 27, 2013

People are stupid, after reading an article on Kotaku. I ran across the comment section that was either full of microsoft minions or just entirely ridiculous dumb gamers. Aparently the XBox and .net are already registered domian names belonging to a smart gent in the U.K. He has not placed anything on this domain name and it is just a blank site. This gentleman placed his money down on a horse and beat the odds.

But why so much hate for this man in the articles comments? He’s paid his fees for his domain name for the whole two years that he’s owned the rights. People call him a cybersquatter and are siding with Microsoft on this issue. Which I think is stupid as fuck.

Just because I do not publish my site to my domain does not mean that I do not have plans. If I paid for it I have the right to do whatever I choose. If any person wants to buy my site they have to come with the correct figures. If I do not want to sell that's my prerogative. If they want to get lawyers and try to beat me through the legal systems then its up to me to realize the world of trouble that comes with that. If I still choose to stand my ground respect me.

If you side with Microsoft getting the domain from the man you are foolish. You don't stand for anything and I hope a corporation comes and tramples something precious in your life.

My experience with cyber squatters if you care to read:

I knew my name was common but little did I know there was another guy with my exact name and my exact profession in the same city I was in. Wow, what are the odds right. So I did not get upset that he possessed all the sites that had the name we shared registered in the forms I would have used. I then decided to work under a different title and when I went to register that name a cybersquatter was on top of the site already. So I tried to buy them out of the name and got no response. Slightly bothered by the non responsive squatter but hey they got there first.
I created another name and have used it since and have been completely fine.

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