Monday, May 6, 2013

As the new cycle of video game consoles approach each little announcement excites the child within. The days before formal announcements are fun for thinkers like me. I get to verify my predictions. Here is one that I have been putting a lot of thought into. The future of Microsoft and netflix’s relationship. While these two swingers are not attached at the hip they do frequent the same clubs.  

Microsoft’s rumored bid to resurrect the tv show Heroes. Along with the confirmation of their production studio. Had me stumped on how they are going to present the studios productions. I mean to only deliver their production studios content exclusively on the xbox would be limiting. It would not be suicide, but I cannot imagine Microsoft wanting to be on network television.

So who would be the perfect partner for Microsoft’s studios video productions? My answer is Netflix. Mostly from viewing their current relationship. It seems like the most logical home for the future Microsoft television productions. This is how you can make the Heroes reboot available to non Xbox users.

Yes, Netflix could be accessed on the competitors devices. But can Microsoft afford to only lock their show to one device. I do not think so. Will Microsoft develop and app solely for their own productions, I think its less likely. Can Microsoft and Netflix work together to change the the future of cable, Yes.

Together the two have the power to change the next ten years of years of subscription television. They will not revolutionize the television industry as many articles will claim. Cable network television will not be broken by the internet’s business model. The only way cable would disappear is every single subscriber cancelled indefinitely. However Microsoft and Netflixs have flirted enough to create a newborn niche market. Hopefully the two will work together raising this market to compete in the television olympics and take gold.

Bottom Line: Netflix is the bedtime stories my Xbox reads to me.

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