Monday, May 20, 2013

Always online, but is it a connect to the full fledge internet?

Can Microsoft make searching the internet on a console as “fun” as a computer. In the late hours of the Xbox 360 we saw the base boards laid for the foundation. Will the next Microsoft Console deliver a richer internet experience?

I believe so but do you want it at a more expensive cost, with less functionality of a traditional computer is a better question. Can users expect the next-gen console to break this barrier between console and computer.

Should we wait for the alleged Steam Box to suit this need. At this point in time with Microsoft having to fight it out with Sony for this years major entertainment box, has this even crossed Microsoft’s mind. There will be other contenders in the near future.

Don’t be a smart glass user without these key features!

Okay so Microsoft’s phone isn’t the most trendy smartphone on the market. More known are the iphone and the samsung galaxy series. So with Microsofts phone coasting will they consider ios playtime on their new console.

Sony and Microsoft both have smartphones but do not hold the weight in those markets as they do in other fields. So can it hurt Microsoft to bring iOS and android games to their systems? Can console be a gateway for large screen mobile gaming when users are home?  

The creators of Android and iOS are less likely to enter into the console business. For how they speak of their phone market it would be a step backwards to go into the console market. For Microsoft this would be a bypass to the challenge of Sony’s Vita.

Smartglass of the future should be able to turn on my console, start my favorite show on my xbox, and upload all my new pictures and video all while I make dinner. All this while charging my device and U.O.E.N.O!

Old technology New Ideas!

What’s new to them to me it’s old. I am a PC gamer and of course the tech that these new consoles are being built off of is old. Just like the components of my recently updated PC. So what we as consumer are looking for are Brand New Ideas.

We want brand new Intellectual Properties, we want new interactions, we will devour new concepts. I already foresee studios making the mistake of thinking we want the 5th installment of their game for next-gen. Which fans will like, but at the same time will destroy because it doesn’t match the fifth time around expectations.

Take note of Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs title. A very new I.P. that if you ask me will outsell any 5th installment of any series that is coming to next-gen with the one exception being COD. Because we want new ideas. Fan fiction in recent times kicks more ass than the developers. Look at Star Wars, Mass Effect, and Eve fan fictions.

New Phrase YoDo!

In this newer age of pop culture we got the phrase YOLO. Game studios need to take that pop culture mantra and grasp it in their terms. YODO, you only develop once. With the budget of games for the next-gen obviously being more expensive. From obtaining these new technologies and engines and contracts. Give it all you have up and coming studios.

Don’t bother being a half ass developer on the 720 and PS4. Go H.A.A.M. (hard as a motherf%cker). When you are conceptualizing if your idea starts off as amazing and then conforms to the industry standard, go jump off a cliff. Open your eyes we have played that shit before. Think about the thousands and thousands of games before yours. We played that shit before.

You have one chance to design something life changing, motivating, as close to real life as video games can get at this point in time. Impress us with your product. Teach us, make an impact on our lives, make us proud to be fans of your product. Design like it’s your last impact on human civilization!   

The Future of Future Proofing

Sad but true for console owners you are going to be faced with the decision of what you will be playing for the next 10 years. Okay at least until 2019-2020 thats my best guess. Microsoft the only thing you need to do is give us hope that the games we will be playing on your system will be worth playing it on your technology.

If you introduce shitty microtransactions and fees, we can only be led to believe this is the next 7 to 10 years of our lives. No one in their right mind would sign a 6 year contract for a phone, or any other services. So future proof your crappy nickel and dime business model. With day one incentives, and plans to reward loyal customers. Transparency in these plans gains users rather than blind tactics slated to regain lost customers.

My Xbox 360 doesn’t collect dust because it supplies my “cable”. But as far as it being the go to gaming machine it is failing my personal needs. So Microsoft you need to choose your destiny. Cable box or Xbox which one means more to your future. Me personally I said supplying my damn games is more important but if you want to believe shows and non-video game content. Let me introduce you to my PC. Oh shit you make the OS system on my computer, so you already know. Then why don’t you step up your gaming departments. Make you console the future of gaming.

Bottomline: May 21st will be fun.

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