Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Quantum Break will only capture my attention if its a time travelling game that correlates to a television show where users impact the show’s future. Live action showcase in the next gen kinda takes away the whole feel of what to expect.

The odds of this highly unlikely, so not impressed.

Call Of Duty Ghosts, I am happy for Call of Duty users. Truthfully even more happy for Battlefield users because they truly have nothing to fear from Activision. Battlefield still outclasses COD which was expected from me. But for Call of Duty fans its a step in the right directions.

Happy for Call of Duty Fans.

Forza 5, will easily outclass the old gen Gran Turismo 6 in graphics. Sadly this was nothing new in terms of “out of the box”. Cars, race tracks, opponents all traditional formulas.

Moment to moment nothing spectacular.

Halo Tv, I recently watched Halo Breaking Dawn and was not impressed. When it comes to television shows that rely heavily on Cgi, they always die slowly but surely. The budgeting of cgi increases as the demand for the story advances, and naturally cuts are made and cgi is one of the easiest thing to snip. So from a weekly-bi weekly show can we expect the high graphical quality each and every time.

I expect the series to slowly fade away after a strong launch of the Halo 5.

No in depth controller coverage, No explanation of how the system will integrate into various living room environments (vertical or horizontal orientations), no backwards compatibility, fees to install your games on other accounts, does not work without kinect.

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