Monday, May 27, 2013

5 Good reasons not to date the Xbox One

Tells you that if you do not call at least once a day. They consider that cheating.
Having to authenticate through some internet connection at any point.

Tells you that your unemployed friends can't come over unless they have a job.
The indie devs cannot publish on Xbox One unless they partner with a M/S Studio.

When Xbox decides when to move in; you have to get rid of all your old stuff. You have to buy new stuff to appease.
No backwards compatibility, older controllers do not work, and paraphernalia won't instantly work for Xbox One.

Wants a monthly allowance just for dating, even though you shell out for all the bills.
The Xbox live subscription is in full effect and will never go away, or be readjusted.

Has a hidden camera set up in your house and you never know when its being viewed
The kinect being connected should be optional, not mandatory.

My personal reasons not to date the Xbox One

  • After having to deal with a crazy customization of cords and wires to get my turtle beach headset working on Xbox 360's not so greatly placed inputs. Xbox One looks like it doesn't have the ports I need for headset gaming.
  • Getting rid of the family plan was an asshole move Microsoft especially now when the systems would kind of be able to better understand the family dynamic of Multiple consoles in a household.
  • Now my old Xbox kinect and Controllers are virtually useless with the new Xbox One. So now me and my family go from freedom of having our own controllers. To fight over XBox One's one controller.
  • Avatars are gone now, so anyone who invested in that attire was better off going to buy a pair of jeans. At least they'd have them a few years later.
  • So you push being the new wave of television. There is this cool thing called Tv-Dvr out now not later. If you focused on all this tv bullshit. Why no DVR out the box.
Bottomline: Go violate some other family's privacy, I care about my family.
Fuck you Microsoft

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