Monday, May 26, 2014

By Jamaal Ryan

Let’s take a look at Far Cry 4’s box art:

Here we see a fair skin gentleman who sits on a statue while putting his hand on the head of a seemingly ethnic or native individual from the Himalayan region. Looking in further, the box cover is carefully arranged to illustrate a significant gap of power between the two individuals. The fair skinned man is wearing a lavish pink suit that likely represents a symbol of wealth. The way in which he sits, foot placed on the decapitated head of the statue of Buddha, conveys his complete disregard for the culture and religion of the region, as weapons and ammunition are also draped over it. As he smirks confidently at the viewer, his placed hand on the head of the discouraged native man also tauntingly dangles a grenade pin on his index finger. The subjugated individual is reduced to his knees with a look of shame and defeat on his face while holding the pin-less explosive. Read more

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