Sunday, April 13, 2014

By Ryan Michael Williams

You know the tricky thing about buying video games now is the pricing. When a triple-A title comes out the expected retail price is always there. However with the new smaller indie titles the prices move up and down on the slider. Buying a game at the price of a t-shirt or even the cup of an overpriced coffee cup seems fun. Until you run into Strike Suit Zero, which was not worth its indie price point of $14.99. Sure let’s not argue worth in a dollar amount, because every gamers pockets are different. I only mention price point because we are starting to see the trend in lower price point also means lower quality.

As well as the pricing we see the quality slid down the meter with SSZ on PS4. The visual quality of the game is standard, you won’t get any amazing eye candy from this unless you count stationary space vista backgrounds. The controls are cumbersome just for the sake of not adopting other games control schemes. I hold Zone of The Enders spherical control and movements in high regard, and SSZ would have been interesting if they chose to mimic that aspect of movement.

In the environments of the game we cannot really get a feel for scale. In games like this I am so let down that scale is overlooked. If I am a space ship/mecha landing on a space port I would appreciate some sense of overwhelming scale. I know we cannot have everything we want from the games we buy, but what is the point of space exploration if you are not going to consider interiors, lunar landings, and ratios of the world around you.

The story, I guarantee that anyone who has beaten this game cannot tell you one name of a character, planet, or bad guy. Mindless shooter in space might as well play asteroids.  The opening sequence just makes you want to press fast forward so quickly. Default opening, default generic tutorial mission only opens up to an even more default cliché space ship shooter. Oh but wait it transforms into a human-esque ship for absolutely no reason. In the first person view you do not even get an alternate scheme to differentiate the two modes.  No fancy hologram overlays all you get is a dry obstruction to the nonsense going on outside the cockpit.

Buyer beware with this games price point. I know Born Ready was faced with the floods and all, but the only reason you should buy this game is if you feel responsible for flooding their study. Strike Suit Zero is what a sober Englishmen imagines what a Gundam anime would feel like.  Sorry but I prefer my Englishmen drunk of their ass, if they are going to create anything worthy of my attention. 

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