Wednesday, April 30, 2014

By Jamaal Ryan

Just this past Monday, Twin Galaxies – an organization originally focused on recognizing all round video game achievement – has launched Twin Galaxies Live, a 24/7 online television broadcast that will provide original programming such talk shows (ala G4TV.com), informational segments, live tournament streaming, and other industry events. All will be streamed on their main website via Twitch while incorporating Skype TX to have fans chime in (think Rev 3’s late Address the Sess).

This is exciting news as video game television style broadcasting has had its ups and downs, mainly with the rise and fall of G4 from when the network was packed with shows such as the aforementioned G4TV.com, Cinematech, X-Play, and Icons, and then bloated with awful content such as Cops and Cheaters.

With the disintegration of the network, it substantiated arguments that claimed dedicated broadcasted programming to video games was impossible; that there wasn’t enough occurring in the game’s industry to sustain such a network. This is a challenge that Twin Galaxies Live faces. In addition, Twin Galaxies will need to enforce proactive – or effectively reactive – moderating since the program allows fans to appear live on air via Skype. A few shit heads are bound to slip through, but Twin Galaxies will need to have swift solutions at the ready for homophobes, racists, sexists, and all other forms of assholes.

Nonetheless, I’m on board with this evolutionary development in video game content. And have already pinned Twin Galaxies Live on my home page. You can begin tuning into their programming right now. 

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