Wednesday, April 2, 2014

By Jamaal Ryan

Adam Sessler is perhaps the sole “father figure” in the game’s industry, particularly to those in their 20’s. Most known for his work in hosting X-Play on G4 (formally known as G4 TechTV before G4’s merge with the tech channel) Adam was the sage of game’s knowledge to young viewers such as myself and also years to come. After an alleged falling out with G4, Adam was no longer employed there and he soon later announced heading up Revision3 as Editor-in-Chief.

Today, Adam Sessler has announced that he is departing from Revision3 and from being a camera personality:

After some incredible achievements over the last year and a half, I am announcing my departure from Rev3 Games and Discovery Digital Networks.  Sixteen years in front of the camera covering the videogame industry has brought me to a point where I am ready and desiring to explore new opportunities.  While I would never say no to doing one more review, interview or opinion piece, the time feels right to explore new avenues inside of gaming that help further the medium.  The audience, my wonderful and talented co-workers and the last year at Rev3 Games will forever be appreciated for what was accomplished.  There never is a right time to part ways with something that has become as natural as breathing, but things do end and now feels right.

It’s rather strange hearing this. The closest comparison I can parallel this to is hearing that an actor from your childhood television show has died. Far too over dramatic yes, as Adam will very much be around; he just won’t be that dominant figure in front of a camera.

It appears that Adam is new the president of TheoryHead, Inc, which, according to Adam’s Twitter profile, is a “consultancy for entertainment and media".

Seems like a nice fit for the Sess, being that he’s been the most well-known face in game’s media.

As you sign off Adam, we’ll miss you. 

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