Monday, June 24, 2013

The three of these games have a whole lot in common. Simply put each of these projects are  post apocalyptic first person shooters. All three titles are coming from generally respected game studios with cult followings. The flavor of the three titles are from the same ingredients, but what I know it will boil down to is who has the best spice to their game. For me Titanfall took the plate from all the previews, interviews, and introduction videos.


From Destiny I know the 3-man fire team will make the experience a little more personal. I see the chemistry of the trinity as the smarter move. Its hard to care about the whole team in a lot of multiplayer experiences. So having a tight knit fireteam will add to the motivations of working as a unit. Also the prizes/reward system was where it should be. With each player obtaining their very own reward for challenges is the right way to reward.

Titanfall to me does what Call of Duty cannot do, make zany multiplayer believable. With the showcase of technology in the gameplay trailer we see a reason for things being dropped out the sky. I always disliked in COD that care packages just fall from the sky in the perfect place. With the preview it it hard to tell what planet this game take place on. From my view it looks like a place far from Earth. So the game can use the strength of sci-fi and expand on some concepts harder to introduce into a military shooter.  

Call of Duty: Ghosts, I cannot even pretend to have seen something new and awesome about this game. So I will hand it over to Jamaal Ryan our in house COD player

The reason why Call of Duty: Ghosts’ presence at E3 was underwhelming wasn’t because they didn’t showcase multiplayer, and it wasn’t even because they didn’t lead Microsoft’s press conference like everyone predicted they would. In the light of arguably Infinity Ward’s former better half, Respawn, debuting their game of show Titanfall, Battlefield 4’s jaw dropping Commander mode demo, and Destiny’s gameplay reveal, Ghosts was a mere, well… ghost at this year’s press conference.
Infinity Ward spent an uncomfortable amount of time focusing on the game’s technical minutia. Phrases like Sub-D and Fish AI (though Infinity Ward’s producer took the fish parodies pretty well), and talking points such as real world influenced sensor controlled Navy dogs and organ rupturing sonar waves were thrown around a lot.
I wouldn’t sell this game completely short as some of the changes with the game’s narrative and gameplay are quite different for the Call of Duty franchise. Playing as one of two brothers 10 years after an “event” throws America close to oblivion seeks to be Call of Duty’s most focused story yet, avoiding the avatar hop scotch seen in past installments. In addition, controlling the dog is a significant change of pace compared to past Call of Duty games, as it injects an element of stealth which is a far cry from the incessant barrage of bullets and explosions that we’re used to.
Though its presence in the light of the other massive shooters cooled its steam at E3, the diminished time in the spotlight didn’t help of course. This could be Activision pulling a Nintendo and holding their all out reveal till later this year to garner all of the attention. We can look forward to the multiplayer reveal later this summer.”-Jamaal Ryan

There Call of Duty players something nice about your game.


The original writer of Halo series is making his return on the Destiny series. Back from his break since Halo:Reach writer Joseph Staten takes control of the story elements. By having a writer that is familiar with the fans of his work this should be a great addition. Also on the Call of Duty side the writer known for his traffic screenplay Stephen Gaghan makes his video game debut. While

Titanfall still hasn't put forth a lot information. I have read on Titanfall forums that the game is rumored to have scrapped singleplayer in favor of multiplayer. Which I know gamers are going to love. With the addition of npc’s in the multiplayer arena to keep players killing and dealing out damage. I can see Respawn studios telling the “story” through multiplayer. This rumor I hope is so true because this is how you shatter that dumb idea that all games need single and multiplayer to appease gamers.  


In my opinion they capitalize on improving existing formulas that proved successful. Which is obviously consumers are used to in the video game industry. As long as the formula isn't a direct rehash of the previous iteration gamers haven't complained too much. So why mention this point because I think each of these titles did not drastically leap over the edge of next generation.

The case of Destiny had the biggest let down with going for the massive market share. I dislike the move to release on Xbox 360/Xbox One and PS3/PS4 while completely ignoring the PC. Gamers of the current gen console win, and I am not mad at that. I just wished if that was the plan that Destiny should have released this 2013 holiday.

Instead I expect the project to be further off like 2014 holiday season. Meaning if there are hopes for PC release two things hold it back. PC gamers have to hope the other markets make Destiny a success, and if that is achieved then have to wait for the porting which puts it probably in the realms of 2015 release. By that time a PC gamer will completely not care, will have felt alienated, and at that point Bungie should just stick to consoles, fuck em.

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  1. Great diagrams & and good points all around. Though I was impressed by both Titanfall & Destiny, in retrospect I think that Destiny left the biggest impression. As a huge fan of both Borderlands 2 & Halo, Destiny was the peanut butter in my chocolate lol. The point you made about the intimacy of the three man fire team was something that I hadn't even considered and sells me on the game even more.

    I'm surprised that you guys didn't mention "The Division" by Ubisoft. I know it isn't first person, but that game had me most hyped for the next generation of shooters. It also showcased the best use of Smart Glass to date.

    Anyway great article guys, keep up the good work.


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