Wednesday, June 19, 2013

We start off the war between consoles with Sony slaughtering Microsofts armada. Now Microsoft is changing its war plan and is adopting Sony’s war pattern. Well you’d have to be a fool to believe that Microsoft is recanting their always online policy due to feedback from users. The numbers have spoken and now they are in complete retreat mode. But even if they adopt Sony’s policies towards next gen consoles drm, used games, region locks, and system connectivity. You still have to understand this was not their original plan.

The folks at Sony placed the voice of the consumer ahead of some bizarre view of the future. Sony’s teams showed love for the people who make their system possible. Better believe that this is philosophy within the company, satisfy the video gamers first. While over at Microsoft's headquarters video gamers perceivably were not the priority.

From the very first presentation of the Xbox One, we saw tv, sports, and COD. Then come E3 time we see some promises of exclusives. Yes some content was their but you really have to know that its a ways off. More than likely the exclusive heavy hitters won’t appear till 4-6 months after launch. Which is fine for people who are convinced to be onboard for the Microsoft ride this time around. Just for me I did not see the “killer app” that I needed to have the was exclusive to any console, especially Microsoft.

A few disappointing points was the presentation of Minecraft Xbox one edition. Literally nothing new at all. I mean you can speculate there is a possibility that consoles players may have access to mods, but I would say not likely. I did want to play Dead Rising 3, but that wore off pretty quickly because the feeling of been there done that overrode the thrill.

Yes the promise of exclusives was there but they were not done wholeheartedly in my opinion. Just like the revival of Killer Instinct. I came from the era where friends were kicking each others asses in 2-d fighters. But Killer Instinct should have not been brought back unless its mechanics rivaled some choice fighters for the evo tournament circuit. Killer Instinct will surely be swept under the rug shortly after release.

The lack of Crackdown 3 was a devastating blow to Microsoft’s image of exclusivity. No mention of World of Tanks on Xbox One so to me they spoiled the whole partnering with a PC exclusive franchise. World of Tanks won't come to Xbox One because they do not want a f2p game of that caliber at launch. Instead they want you with the planned line up.

With the recant on the always online factor of the xbox one. I now view the whole cloud based gaming as a gimmick to sell systems that was flawed and poorly delivered. Forza’s demonstration of using the cloud for “ghost racing” was not that amazing to me. With Microsoft backing away from their always connect approach I feel as if the “project” or “goal” they had in mind was not that worthwhile. Very much so comes off as corporate bullshitting.

Microsoft is losing everything that it had from the past. I am glad to see consumers showed some intelligence and did not so much buy into this corporate scumbag mentality. Personally I want to thank Sony for not going along with that corporate bullshit strategy of alienating users. If you want a positive spin on how well Microsoft is doing with the release of their system check back when they really start listening to the consumers of the video game community and not just financial forecasts.

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