Thursday, September 11, 2014

By Jamaal Ryan

Setting the dress code issues aside, this teaser for MGS 5 reminded me about how I had recently started looking forward to Phantom Pain.

Don’t get me wrong, the Microsoft E3 opening trailer did a hell of a lot for me, but mixed in with all the other next gen talk, it got muddled in the white noise of high profile games.

But after seeing the multiplayer trailer at Gamescom, it cemented its spot on my must play list.

Metal Gear Solid experimented with multiplayer before, notably with MGS 4 and Peacewaker. Both had their following, but I didn’t have a PSP, and MGS 4 didn’t really interest me as Call of Duty 4 still had me hooked.

Phantom Pain creates an interesting synergy between single player and multiplayer, a trending cross-pollination that we’re seeing a lot of now a days. Most items that aren’t nailed down to the ground can be fultoned to your Mother Base. Like Peacewalker, gathering resources is important, and in this case, it contributes to building up your military establishment.

This is where The Castle Doctorine comparison comes in.

Mother Base is home to Phantom Pain’s multiplayer, in which you will build up your security to ensure that other players don’t invade it and steal your shit, while you invade other players’ Mother Bases and try to steal their shit.

What’s so perfect about the idea of Phantom Pain's (I just like the sound of “Phantom Pain”) is that it avoids the risk of designing a crappy, and often in a better case scenario, an uninviting multiplayer mode while playing to its strengths as a stealth action game. Even though you’re competing with others, you’re not engaging in direct combat where with MGS 5’s controls, can be frustrating and unoriginal. You’re instead navigating your way past AI and automated equipment set up by other players.

The idea of yoinkng freight, gun men, and other inanimate objects by lifting them into the sky give Metal Gear an all  new identity, and could arguably be one of the best “theif” games in several years. 

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