Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Reviewed by: Jamaal Ryan

I remember Ubisoft’s first Price of Persia title being one of the first games I’ve played that incorporated time as a more instructive teaching tool than typical death, allowing you to rewind, observe, and readdress your mistakes just before your demise. It was a mechanic that continued to find itself in future games, most notably becoming wildly popular in the racing genre where rewriting small whoopsies is fundamentally useful. (What about Braid? Sorry. Didn’t play it.)

However death itself has rarely been more than an end game and a consequence for various levels of misjudgment, which has then recently become more of a brutal affair in the rapidly growing catalog of rogue-likes. Capy seems to understand permi-death quite well in their upcoming Xbox title Below, but Super Time Force exists in the opposite end of the spectrum by using time to weaponize death along with making it an empowering tool for necessary progress.

It’s an unusual mash up of rewind mechanics mixed into a side scrolling shooter that has become my favorite 8 bit action game since Hotline Miami.

And I don’t make that declaration lightly. Read more.

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