Monday, January 6, 2014

By Jamaal Ryan

How easy is it?

Simply click this link for

Akin to video game driven charities such as Extra Life and Childs Play, Awesome Games Done Quick is working with Prevent Cancer Foundation to raise money for cancer research by streaming videos of video game speed runs. For monetary donations, you can contribute via PayPal to help Awesome Games Done Quick to beat last year’s earnings of $400,000 and reach their current goal of $500,000.

An easier and infinitely less expensive way to contribute is, as I said, done by simply clicking the link above. Redirecting you straight to their Twitch stream, Twitch will donate $50 for every 1,000 views up to 100K views for a total of $5,000. So special thanks goes to Twitch for working so closely with Awesome Games Done Quick and Prevent Cancer Foundation.

The event runs from Jan 5th through Jan 11th where viewers and donators can check out speed runs of their favorite games. You can check out their week schedule here, and remember, just a click makes you a contributor to cancer research.

Source & Image Source: Awesome Games Done Quick(Community)

VIA: Polygon

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