Monday, January 27, 2014

By Jamaal Ryan

E3 2013’s announcement of Steven Spielberg’s production involvement with the Halo TV series felt both exciting and somewhat unfulfilling at the same time. Not only was it because the announcement itself was loose on details, but even given Spielberg’s involvement with the video game industry (look at Boom Blox), one couldn’t help but yearn for a fresher face attached to the project.

According to Latino Review’s “trusted sources”, there’s an individual that fits that very profile. Neil Blomkamp, director of my personal favorite sci-fi movie of all time, District 9, has reportedly been set to direct the pilot of the Halo TV series.

This is exciting and unexpected news given that after Blomkamp’s incredibly well received Halo live actions shirt films which preceded talks about him directing the much talked about Halo film, the project was canceled along with his public “probable”divorce from the film.

Forward Unto Dawn was a fine mini series for the Halo franchise, but one that I would equivocate to the likes of Sci-fi channel television shows; not exactly the quality that I would want for Microsoft’s biggest video game franchise’s debut into television. Blomkamp’s Halo shorts set the bar from what we can expect from Halo on the big, er… television screen. But it’s important to remember that Blomkamp’s rumored to direct the pilot, not the show entirely. However if the case were true, it would be promising for the entire series in and of itself.

Blomkamp’s directing style is very similar in some respects to what we saw in Spielberg’s Saving Private Ryan. It’s a hopeful stretch, but both names on the project could have a likeminded approach to how the series will be directed, even without Blomkamp directing every episode.

This could be all for naught, but here’s a look back at Neil Blomkamp’s Halo short in case you’ve missed it:

Source: Latino Review
VIA: Polygon, CVG 

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