Tuesday, March 18, 2014

By Ryan Michael Williams

I am going to tell you what I like most about Metal Gear first, Kojima! This man’s production is going to be the closest you can get to a unified direction in a video game. This is not discrediting his loyal team at Kojima productions. They proudly work under Hideo Kojima with faith in a great leader and his direction. Beautifully their work comes together in a preview of the Fox Engine, and this prologue to the Phantom Pain in Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes.

Hideo Kojima’s move with MGS: Ground Zeroes is exactly the type of support I can give a video game producer. It’s a no bullshit concept, Hideo Kojima clearly laid out exactly what the game was well before the much anticipated release. If you purchased this game and did not know what you were getting into beforehand then you need to read a little more often. When speaking to colleagues about the release of this game and its price point. I found myself fighting against the beasts that current day gaming has created.

When you look at Ground Zeroes and know that you are initial supporting the production of the bigger picture as a Metal gear fan how can you be disappointed? I’d much rather this particular option when a game needs support while in development. To me this tactic is much better than “collector editions”, day one DLC, and the segregated pre-order bonus. Kojima clearly explained what the game was and would be. Kojima generously described Ground Zeroes as a game for the fans. For myself as a fan I am happy with the purchase and the experience, and of course cannot wait for the full on Phantom Pain. 

Now my critique comes with the previous viewpoint, and the understanding of exactly what I purchased. My experience with MGS: GZ had very few downsides, but nothing in this day in age is perfect. When moving with bodies over Big Boss’ shoulders one can see some corner cutting on the animations interactions. The two models flow through one another which I was disappointed in the fact details like this were overlooked in the release process. Secondly Kiefer Sutherland’s voice is just not the same as David Hayter’s. Hayter is exactly that familiar voice i’ll forever miss from this series. The voice acting isn't bad at all but I just need him to put more feeling into his next lines. Third is the length of this title, and that is not a negative thing in my book. I knew what it was going to be from the jump, bravo Kojima I now want MGS: V more than ever. With this sample Hideo is going to have fiends at his doorstep asking for more. So lets hope the wait doesn't stretch into 2016.

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