Tuesday, April 2, 2013

With the launch of new systems on the horizon many people are ready to line up for their next box. I really want to be there in line with them or waiting on that Amazon package. But one thing we all know about early adapters is they usually get screwed. With reports of dev-kits for the next box and next station having heat issues, that isn't the only issue holding me back. The issue that dawned on me was all those limited edition systems I missed out on over all these years. 

I held out on buying a new xbox system while waiting for the special edition Star Wars console. I wanted those true geek sounds to delight my company. But when it was delayed and I needed a new xbox to play Battlefield three which was released in October that year. I caved and ended up buy the regular black box.
Then it missed the holiday purchase of the xbox kinect I bought as well. I've had four xbox 360's over the live of this system, sadly the elite was the closest I came to cooler paint job. 

Why do these console makers push the Limited Edition models so far back into the life of the system. Well, I know they want to sell those regular units and hope to get you buy that limited edition too. Well this time I am waiting for the later version, and hopefully a unique custom limited edition. Maybe they will be a little smart and have some available launch date with some launch title art.   

Bottom Line: I love my custom PC, but i'll have to wait to enjoy a custom next box.

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  1. Yeah I'm going to hold out myself. So far I'm most interested in the PS4, albeit it's the only next-gen system that I have any info on. I have a huge back catalog of games to hold me over until I decide to make the jump.


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