Monday, April 1, 2013

In the past my favorite game play experiences have usually occurred during the Golden hour of gaming. It's the last year that a console will be receiving those anticipated titles. Before major developers switch their full attention to the Next Cycle. From this hour we see systems push it to the limit, developers push the envelope, and consumers push and shove to get their hands on these great works of art. San Andres PS2 made me not even care about xbox 360 for quite sometime. Wasn't until I played Gears of War and Crackdown that I made the switch after the 360's launch. So hopefully after this golden hour the console giants can really make an impression outside of their E3 hype.  

With plenty of sequels in their to either finalize some gamers experiences or solidify them as fans for the next iteration. We do see that bold touch of new intellectual properties. Which I do believe are the ones that have fans salivating for a taste. I'll even mention Naughty Dogs Last of Us title as a new i.p. With this onslaught of coveted titles I just hope the next box and PS4 don't lean on these titles as their launch rosters. It would be very easy for them to say hey guys play all those just released titles on our new systems and we got you next year. From looking at this list of heavy hitters backwards compatibility is going to be a major decision in bout between systems this year.

The only negative thing about the golden hour of gaming is next gen. With the great graphics and gameplay you get out of the golden hour. Comes a greater expectation for the next gen to blow that experience out of the water. Which can be hard to do when facing these caliber of project. Sure fancy visuals added on to these games can appease some gamers. While gameplay carnivores will shred past the graphics and ask where is the next generation gameplay, physics and mechanics? With the claims of advancements in developers tool such as Epic's Unreal 4, Dice's Frostbite 3, and Squares' Luminous. Gamer should see an increase in the games under the hood performance right off the gate. Rather than the we are just getting started speech found right after game launch titles crash and burn. 

Metal Gear 5


Battlefield 4

Assassin Creed 4

Bioshock Infinite

Watch Dogs

Project Cars

Injustice Gods Among Us

Bottom Line: If you are not purchasing most of these titles...then you must be a Nintendo WiiU owner.
(fact: only two of these games have been confirmed for the WiiU)

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  1. HA! Great article. When the 360 was released I was still playing Shadow of the Colossus of the PS2 you lent me. That game blew my mind in the golden hour of the PS2.


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