Monday, February 25, 2013

If there is any company you should be giving a monthly fee too in the video game industry it should be a software company over the hardware company. My reasoning is who has the greater risk of going out of business. The software company. Who stays in business if the software companies keep putting out great software? the hardware company right. Does paying a monthly fee to the hardware company increase or upgrade the existing hardware? No it just unlocks features that are native to the model you purchased. If you have internet in your home why should your hardware prevent you from accessing what you already pay to use. The argument that Xbox live is a service, to me is a false claim. I consider Hulu, Netflix  and amazon are services. Beside that I would not agree that Microsoft rearranging the dashboard to shove pictures of Will I am in my face as a good service. But as Microsoft will sell it to you, is that playing video games via the internet is a service they are offering. But I do believe the majority of servers we game off of are not owned by Microsoft or Sony. They are owned by the software companies so why do we pay Microsoft to access software developer's servers?

These statements are not to be interpreted by software companies to go crazy with pay to play models on their servers. I just would like the fees for console services like Xbox live and Sony Premium disappear. My fear with the consoles coming in the year 2013, is the social connectivity. I will not pay for Xbox live or Sony premium if they are going to flood my screen with advertisements and harass friends off my social network. How ridiculous does that sound, we can potential be paying the consoles a monthly/yearly fee so they can advertise to our social networks. To me that sounds like that bullshit.

Bottom Line: Console Suits get rid of the fee for Xbox live, and Sony don't even think about making your service paid subscription based.

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