Thursday, July 17, 2014

By Jamaal Ryan

After our morning meeting at work yesterday, the substance abuse wellness specialist on my team handed me a newspaper with an “Outhouse-Run” as the front page story. “Just so that you know what kind of Red Neck I am” she says.

As I flip through the paper, I picked out another front page story about a “Zeldathon”. Puzzled that I saw something related to gaming in a local newspaper, I continued to read.

The Zeldathon, based in Meadville PA, is your home grown gaming focused fundraiser, this year working with St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. Zeldathon, as the name suggests, is comprised of an established group of gamers marathoning through Zelda titles. Starting last Thursday and ending just yesterday, the Zeldathon raised $2,000 within the first two hours, and $18,000 in just its first day. With a goal of $75,000 and a stretch goal of $100,000, Zeldathon surpassed its goals, sitting at $100,890.

But Zeldathon hasn’t only collaborated with St Jude’s Children’s hospital. They’ve also partnered up with American Cancer Society and the American Red Cross, raising over $215,000.

With all the gaming centric charities that are out there, it’s nice to see one that hits so close to home for me.

You can check out Zeldathon’s site here, and you can check out the original story here

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