Thursday, July 18, 2013

The argument of do I want new intellectual properties or remakes, gets silenced by the announcement of Strider. I cannot image one person who is disappointed by this news. Better yet I cannot imagine any person being disappointed by this trailer.

Strider comes from the age of games where things were simply different. The age of the arcades, a time where a quarter was all you needed to have a great time. This is game’s announcement makes me excited for the return of some fast action old school a.i. ass kickings. The days where each and every move you made was based off of precise timing, sharp reflexes, and drive to not give up that arcade to next quarter. Can you remember when people would put their quarter down on the machine?

With the return of the 2-D side scrollers, 2-D fighters its seems like a return to the essentials of video game programming. Which is something I like a whole lot. The essential simplicity of two dimensional level design drives for more brilliant and interesting level design. The lightning fast game play should bring back some of that classical challenge. Video games used to offer better challenges instead of the press A to win formula a lot of project use today.

From what I recall Striders sword reached a lot further than seen in the preview. I may be incorrect but I hope we see a pick up and play model. Instead of the constant leveling up initial weapons. I would not like to see a upgrade tree for my sword in Strider’s remake. Classic power ups that you pick up during the game for performance is fine enough for me. Some people are already doubting the Double Helix studios chances of delivering this title. I for one say the formula of Strider is so embedded in the history that they would have to purposely fuck up to not deliver with this title.  

Bottom Line: I am glad Capcom is opening the vault especially for Strider

Fuck you Microsoft

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